God created man & animals (Creation Day 6)

We are finally finishing our Creation unit! We got sidetracked for a couple of weeks and I just couldn’t let it go without an official “man” week. So this week as we rowed Madeline, we began a study on the Human Body. We’re using a book called My Body. We drew an outline of Jacob & Kaitlyn’s (my niece) bodies on a roll of paper and hung them on the wall. Each day we’re learning about one body part. We color a picture, cut it out and paste in on the wall. The kids seem to be enjoying it and learning about how God made us for all of our parts to do certain things and work together. Net week we’re going to talk about the body of Christ and the strengths and weaknesses each of us has.

Here are their body outlines and what we’ve completed so far.

For our study on the animals God made, we just did a general review of the animals we’ve learned so far because we’ve done quite a bit of in depth animals stuff. We sorted lots of animals with the classification board and read some books on unique and rare animals. One thing we really focused on is the individual characteristics God gave each animal for survival and how He knew exactly what He was doing when He did it all!

Creation Unit Plan

Well, I’ve had a couple of people ask for this, so I’ll put it all here. Basically I compiled random ideas from lots of places and thought of a few myself based on the things on which I wanted to focus for each day. We did one week of school (sometimes 2) per day of Creation. These plans are written for my notes, so if there’s something that doesn’t make sense, just ask!

In the older posts are the pictures of things after we did them.


-Read creation passage Genesis 1:1-2:2

-Have Jacob draw a picture, adding one day at a time, of God’s creation.

-Read several versions of creation story.

-Watch “Creation” by Rabbit Ears

-Touch on evolution and explain that the Bible is where we get our truth because only the Bible is completely true with no mistakes. Read Yellow and Pink by Steig to discuss this.

-Put up long white poster separated into 7 days. As we study each day, draw in the appropriate section what God created that day.

-Throughout the entire study, focus on God’s creation occurring in 6 days and happening about 6000 years ago.

Day 1 Light

-Read Genesis 1:3-5

-Color light and dark on the 7 day mural

-Talk about different kinds of light we have now: sunlight, flashlight, light bulb

-Explain that light always travels in a straight line, called a light ray.


-Go outside one morning. Have kids stand in one particular spot while I draw his shadow with chalk. Go out at noon and, having him in same spot, draw shadow again. Go out at 3 and 7 doing the same thing. Take a picture of shadow progression.


-Explain that a rainbow is light separated into all of its colors.

-Have Jacob color a rainbow picture putting all the correct colors in order.

-Try to create a rainbow using a prism.

Day 2 Sky / Clouds / Ocean

-Read Genesis 1:1-8

-Draw the water, sky, clouds on the 7 day mural

-Explain that between all the waters is air. Air is made up of different gases.

Wind – Read Psalm 78:26, Psalm 107:25, John 3:8, Luke 8:23-24

-Make a sailboat and demonstrate how wind moves other things around it. Windmill?

-Draw picture of Luke 8:23-24


-Explain 4 types of clouds: cumulus (puffy), stratus (thin blanket), cirrus (little wisps), cumulonimbus (thunderheads). Try to identify them in the sky through out the week or at the least, find pictures on the internet to look at.

-Using cotton balls on blue paper, create the four types of clouds.

Water cycle

-Review water cycle. See diagram in packet.

-Draw a picture of water cycle.

-Create the water cycle using a pot of water and a clear glass lid to see evaporation, condensation and precipitation.

-Read Job 26:8, Psalm 104:3, Acts 1:9-11, 1 Thessalonians 4:16-17

-Watch Moody’s Water, Water Everywhere


-Explain that God controls the weather.

-Read Job 36:27-29, Job 38:25-28, Psalm 135:7, Psalm 148:8

Ocean (Can be day 2 or 3)

-Read Genesis 1:1-10

Labeling the Oceans

-Print and Label world map

-Explain and find an example of an island, bay, inlet, peninsula to mark on our map

-Where is the deepest part of the ocean??

Saltwater Characteristics

-Explain that the ocean is saltwater as opposed to freshwater. The salt makes the water heaver/more dense than freshwater. Floating experiment: put a crayon in warm water. Does it sink or float? Add salt (1T at a time) and see how much it takes until the crayon will float.

-Boil the water in the pot and see what happens. Salt crystals on the sides of the pot? Condensation on the lid?


-Put a plastic bowl in the bathtub and see if we can make waves to make it travel.

-Draw a picture of a wave and label its parts.

-Make pretend ocean in a bottle: ½ rubbing alcohol, ½ turpentine and add food coloring

Just for Fun

-Put the shell up to your ear and listen to the “ocean” sounds, listen to the ocean sound machine sound

-Paint an ocean/horizon picture

Day 3 Land, Plants, Trees

Read Genesis 1:1-13


-Review the growth of bean plants. Do sequencing color/cut/paste for review. Review all critical components for plant growth (soil, light, water, and time)

-Watch Moody’s The Power in Plants

-Plant sunflowers outside

-Explain that another type of plant is a fungus, often seen as mold. Sprinkle some water on 2 pieces of bread and put them in separate Ziploc bags. Put bread pieces in two separate places and compare mold growth throughout the week.


-What is the highest mountain on Earth?

-Read a couple of non-fiction books about mountains

-Draw a picture of mountains (would be perfect from our back porch)


-Read Luke 6:46-49

-Explain that part of the land is made up of rocks. Go on a nature walk and collect different rocks.

-Read some non-fiction books about rocks.

Go to a jewelry store or rock shop to look at the gems and rocks that come out of the Earth.

-Watch Moody’s Treasure Hunt


-Explain that another part of the land is soil. Go outside and find different kinds of dirt/soil. Read parable of the seed and the sower and talk about different kinds of soil being better for growing plants.


Go outside and get leaves from several different kinds of trees. Have Jacob pick his favorite tree, explain why it is his favorite and draw it.

Day 4 Sun, Moon, Stars (Solar System)

Read Genesis 1: 1-19

Sun, Stars

-the sun is a star, not a planet (it is only medium sized, it just seems so big because we are near it)

-all of the other stars are very, very, very far away

-the planets orbit around the sun…it stays in one place


-Earth has one moon, but there are 133 of them in the universe

-the moon orbits around Earth is Earth orbits around the sun


-there are eight of them (Pluto is no longer a planet)

-print off solar system printouts from learningpage.com and make a mural

-Jupiter is the biggest planet (1000+ Earths would fit inside it)

-Mercury is the smallest


-is the third planet from the sun

-is 5th the biggest planet

Read various books about all of these things.

Visit a planetarium.

Watch Moody’s “Journey to the Stars”

Any Magic School Bus videos??

Draw solar system in Nature Journal.

Complete printable worksheets/booklet from learningpage.com.

Day 5 Flying & Swimming Things

Read Genesis 1:1-23


-Read from Christian Liberty Nature Reader 1: An Owl, The Robin, The Duck and the Hen. Discuss what we heard about each kind of bird. Choose one bird to draw a picture of in the Nature journal.

What Makes a Bird a Bird?

-Put up birdfeeders, fill with seed/nectar and watch birds come!!

-Watch Moody’s “The Clown Faced Carpenter”

-Field trip to bird store!!

The Burgess Bird Book for Children (choose several stories about the birds we’ll most often see for starters)

mourning dove– a larger gray bird with distinctive cooing sounds pp189-192
tufted titmouse– a small grayish bird with top feathers on his head
american gold finch– small, males bright yellow w/some black on wings pp185-188
black capped chickadee– small, adorable, black with some white pp207-212
indigo bunting– a beautiful finch type, blue esp in the sun pp181-182

cardinal– pp149-152

blue jay– pp93-95

Ocean Animals

Introduce and read books about many types of swimming things…


Mammals- whales, dolphins, manatees

Crustaceans- shrimp, lobster, crab

Coelenterates- jellyfish, anemone

Echinoderms- starfish

-bodies have 5 identical parts

Mollusks (Shellfish)- octopus, clam, oyster, squid

Read Christian Liberty Nature reader 1 “A Cuttlefish”

Read Christian Liberty Nature reader 2 “Shellfish” pp 97-119

Fish paper plate craft

Sea Star sand craft

A Rainbow Under the Sea minibook

Aquarium Field trip

Day 6 Land Animals/Crawling Things and Man

Read Genesis 1:1-27


Review animal classification and characteristics of each category (make new cards if needed to have at least a few in each category)

Read books that include many animals

James Herriot’s treasury

My Father’s Dragon

Books on endangered species/rare animals just for exposure

More CLP Nature reader selections

All those books on our shelf that have animals in them!

Eric Carle books for insects

Make collage crafts for each insect for cutting practice

Moody Videos-

A Mystery Story – caterpillar/butterfly metamorphosis

A Matter of Taste – follows eating habits of 5 specific animals

Animals Move – about all animals (fish, birds, land animals) and the way God made them to get around individually

Eight Legged Engineer – spiders


All about me unit – LivenLearn Press All About Me (not every part, but most of it)

Reading many “Let’s Read and Find Out Science” books – Many on five senses and body parts

Psalm 139:13,14 Focus on the fact that God created us and made NO mistakes!! He made us exactly how He wants us to be and will finish what He starts in us!! Jeremiah 29:11,12

Day 7 Rest!

God knew what He had done was GOOD.

Our Fish Week (Creation Day 5)

We’ve had a fun week studying fish! We’re on day 5 of our creation study now.
We read LOTS of books about ocean animals, painted some fish, painted an ocean scene, made some starfish, and went to the Ripley’s Aquarium of the Smokies today. Jacob’s favorite thing he saw today was the barracuda, he said.

Here are the painted fish and sand starfish. And the third from the left is Mattie’s first craft!

Here is the starfish Jacob made. (Cover a piece of paper with glue. Smush sand down all over it and let it dry. It actually gets hard and feels similar to a real starfish!)

I love this one! It’s Jacob’s ocean scene. An octopus (having a bad arm day), several fish, and the coral reef. Jacob loves to paint. I need to remember this and get the paints out more often.

And Mattie girl’s first day of painting! (The day she didn’t nap.)

Her objection when I wouldn’t let her have control of the paint jar…
I couldn’t resist sharing this one.

Our group at the aquarium.
Side note: We all rode the Gatlinburg trolley to save on parking today. As we were getting settled on the trolley we overheard the bus driver say to himself, “I hope they’re prepared at the Aquarium!” I guess the kiddos were a bit excited!

A few local Five in a Row moms! (ValerieC, Melissa C, Candace C and Kelly TN)
It seems silly to say that when I’m related to two of them!

Jacob reading to me about the fish.

Jacob touching the horseshoe crab. (Last year he wanted nothing to do with this!!)

The sharks in the shark tunnel! (Well, the people tunnel beneath the sharks!)

One cute story before I forget…We were walking through the shark tunnel today and Candace’s mom (aka “Nana”) said, “See kids, there’s a school of fish!” Jacob immediately says, “Yeah! And the shark’s their teacher!”

Our Bird Week (Creation Day 5)

Well, our bird week has been a complete success! The Lord has been so good to bring us many, many birds to enjoy! We have hummingbirds every few minutes or so, and have also been seeing mourning doves and cardinals regularly as well. Today at one point we had six birds at the feeders at the same time!! We have probably been quite comical, actually. We’re kind of like a group of excited old ladies when a new bird comes over to eat.

Mattie has enjoyed it too. Whenever she hears us talking or reading about bird calls, she starts chiming in with a few of her own!

We took a trip to an exotic bird store, which was not the most successful trip of all. Jacob spent the entire time with his hands on his ears because it was so loud. And Mattie hung on for dear life as if I was going to feed her to the birds! So, neither of my kids like loud noises…should have thought of this before we went! Oh well, we did see some birds that talked to us! And we made our final exit when a macaw squawked really loud less than a foot from Mattie’s ear and she started wailing!

Here’s our bird feeder station on our back porch.

And here’s our bird watching chart. What a fun way to learn tally marks!

Here’s our day making peanut butter pinecone bird feeders with Hannah, Emily, and Caleb.

What ‘s peanut butter for anyway?? Bird seed too!

All the kids with their feeders. Boy will I be glad when Jacob gets past this nasty stage…he hates stopping to pose for a picture!!

Looking forward to our bird week! (Creation Day 5)

We’re almost up to day 5 of our creation study! I’ve been waiting for this week as there’s so much fun stuff to do with birds! I’ve never really gotten into bird watching before, and can’t imagine time to sit still and watch birds, but it will be fun to learn anyway!

Here’s what I have planned for now…

~I’ll have Jacob read aloud from the Christian Liberty Nature Reader 1: An Owl, The Robin, The Duck and the Hen for an overview. We’ll talk about what we read about each kind of bird. We’ll choose one bird of which to to draw a picture in the nature journal. Then we’ll read What Makes a Bird a Bird? It’s a book that explains birds’ characteristics really well.

~We’ll watch Moody’s “The Clown Faced Carpenter,” a segment about the Woodpecker.

These next three are the ones I’m really excited about!

~We have an exotic bird store in Knoxville (Thank you, Grandmama, for telling me about this!) we are going to go to. They’ve been in business for over 20 years and the owner says she has everything! I do think Mattie will freak out, but hopefully we won’t permanently scar her.

~Peggy has been feeding birds here for 12 years, and has been sad to leave them. Well, we’re going to pick up the slack! I’ve gotten three different bird feeders to put up! I’ve had them in the car for a month waiting for our bird week. I think maybe we’ll do this Saturday so that by next week we’ll have some birds to see. Yay!!

~And we have The Burgess Bird Book for Children. It’s a book of fictional stories about the different kinds of birds. The stories are make-believe but are loaded with all kinds of bird facts to learn. I asked Peggy which birds we would see most often so we could read those stories next week in order to introduce us to those birds. (Notice I said “us.” I’m pretty clueless other than a cardinal and a blue jay!!) I’m looking forward to this!!

These are the birds we’ll be watching for…

Mourning Dove

Tufted Titmouse

American Goldfinch

Black Capped Chickadee

Blue Jay


Indigo Bunting

~And finally, I’ll make a chart with these birds’ pictures on it. I’ll have Jacob put a mark by each bird each time he sees it so we can really see which ones come around the most often! (Thank you, Candace, for this idea!)

I’m really looking forward to next week! I think Jacob will enjoy it too. I think we’re both ready to learn about living things again.

Sun, Moon & Stars (Creation Day 4)

For this week of our creation study, we focused on the solar system. We talked about the sun and moon, but had already visited those in the past, so we just did a bit of review. We reviewed the moon phases with our little cards from Owl Moon. Jacob enjoyed that. We also made a mural for the solar system! It has the sun and all the planets on it, though a couple are hard to see because they’re so tiny! (And just so all you old folks know, Pluto is no longer classified as a planet, so we only have 8 planets now.)

Solar System Mural

We went to a museum that had a planetarium which was fun for the first 3 minutes or so. Jacob and I had a good time out just the two of us, but I’m in no rush to go another planetarium show! I’ll just buy my own telescope and look off our back porch. He had NO concept of the whole constellation thing- which really is quite hard to see -and just wanted to crawl around on the amphitheater like steps in the pitch black room…with the other two little boys who also didn’t care about the nice man’s presentation! Other than that, we had a great week!

Land, plants and trees (Creation Day 3)

Well, on day 3 God created land, plants and trees. This Spring we did a month long study on plants, so we just reviewed that quickly the week we studied it in June. We studied kinds of plants, what plants need to grow, and the major parts. Here are pictures of what we did this spring that would fit in well with Day 3 of Creation. Most of these ideas came out of a little free book that my mom got in a ChickFilA kids meal!

We wet a paper towel, rolled it up and put it in a jar. Then we slid beans down between the paper towel and the jar. We kept the paper towel wet and in a warm/sunny place. Within a couple of days, our beans had sprouted!

After about a week in the jar, we planted the beans in soil. From here we measured the 3 plants and charted their growth. Jacob loved seeing how much they had grown since the last time we measured! Anyway, these plants actually grew us some beans! Jacob enjoyed seeing the “fruit” of his labor and that it really worked!

These little grass men were very fun and sprouted grass within days! After the grass got really long, I let Jacob cut their “hair.” Well, let’s just say he’s not touching my hair anytime soon!

This activity was pretty fun. We cut off the tops of these veggies (with no green stuff growing) and surrounded them with water. And within a couple of days we had sprouts on top of them all! We did turnips, radishes, carrots and beets.

So during this week of study officially we did some studies on mountains and rocks and other components of the land that God created. We also took a family hike into the Smokies to enjoy the land God created! I must say, Jacob was not impressed with rocks.

Our rock math – This was a challenge for Jacob because it required attention to detail. Many of these rocks were very close to the same size and he was not the least bit interested in telling the difference!

This is Jacob’s kind of rock fun!

Laurel Falls in the Smokies

Some rocks at a mine/gem shop on the road side on the way home. And Jacob was again, very unimpressed.

Our fun schooling weeks (Creation Days 1, 2)

We have had a fun couple of weeks with school. We’ve taken a break from Five in a Row and have been doing a creation study. Basically, we’re doing one week of school per day that God spent on Creation. A couple of those we’ll stretch out a little bit, but that’s the general plan.

Last week we studied the whole creation overview and how many people don’t believe what the Bible says about creation. We read several versions of the world’s beginning in Children’s encyclopedias, all of which were from a Big Bang/evolutionary perspective. We talked about the fact that many books have wrong information and the Bible is the only book that is always true and has no mistakes. So we choose to believe what the Bible says about Creation because the Bible is always true!

After the overview we studied light. We learned about light containing all seven colors of the rainbow, that a rainbow is light separated in to the seven colors and that the colors are always in the same order. Here is Jacob’s rainbow. We also created rainbows with my engagement ring, a prism and CDs.

We also learned that light always travels in straight lines, called light rays, and that when those light rays are interrupted, we get a shadow. Here’s Jacob’s shadow at different times of the day.

And of course we learned about the various forms of light we have available to us.
Then this week we have learned about the water that God made. We focused on weather, clouds and the water cycle. Here we are creating our own water cycle in a pot.

Here is Jacob’s picture of the water cycle. (I drew the arrows, and we talked through this one as he drew it.) It amazes me how much of this he can understand. It’s been fun to see him soak it up!

Here is Jacob’s picture from the day we studied clouds. Thankfully this day God gave us all four kinds of clouds in the same day!! What a treat!

And to finish out our week, God gave a humdinger of a thunderstorm yesterday and a rainbow afterwards! What a way to finish up a week!