Do you like it?

So I know there’s really no point in having a cute blog if one never posts on it, but just humor me!  I have several things to post about, but they will be big, long posts that require a lot of focus and energy, and I haven’t had the time to put into them.  But there are great things happening in our house, and I can’t wait to share them!  They are affording me a lot more free time and emotional energy!  But I digress… So in June I got this Scrapbooking software with high hopes, but have only done two small projects for a friend so far.  I realized I could make my own perfectly unique collage for our Christmas card this year!  So like a terribly irresponsible parent, I stayed up until almost 3:00 last night playing with it and ended up with this really cute card, but couldn’t find any place that would print it for less than 80 cents per print.  (I thought all of the sites that had 4×8 cards would print it with no problem, but that’s not the case, apparently.)  So that’s just more than I’m going to spend on Christmas cards.  I found a different site where I could upload my own creation, re-did it and then realized this one is the perfect size for a happy header!  So here it is!  (If you’re on a feed reader you’ve got to come see it.)  I’ve so enjoyed playing with this software and making this.  Almost as much as I’ve enjoyed decorating my house this week for Christmas! 

I love going through my boxes of familiar things.  Christmas decorations have always been a favorite of mine, I think because with all of our moving, they were consistent.  The red eyelet tree skirt has always been the same, the Oak Ridge Boys Christmas cassette, the angel at the top of the tree (and a really funny had-to-be-there story about the year her lights died and we rigged her up to work), our stockings that our grandmother made, the ceramic nativity set, the cardboard my grandpa used to wrap the Christmas lights around…  I don’t even use it anymore but it’s in the bottom of my box because it has his handwriting on it, and I can’t bear to pitch it.  All of those things remind me that tradition offers us security and identity. I love that my kids already have these things that they look forward to.  We are keeping some of the traditions I want to savor, shaping them into a good fit for our family, and beginning some new traditions of our own.  And I hope I’m building a solid foundation of love and security in my children that they will want to relish each December.

I’m thankful for the changes around here.  They have come none too soon and have enabled us to slow down and enjoy this season of waiting.  For school each day we’re doing math, language arts, piano practice, a creative activity and then just reading together on the couch.  We have so needed this time!   Some intentional reconnection opportunities and moments for the kids and I to like each other again after a hard season, and God is giving us those in abundance.  I’m so thankful.

Oh my goodness. I am so embarrassed!

and I didn’t even do anything!  First off, Peggy, this one may be too crass for you, though it will give Macy a good laugh.  😉

Every Tuesday when I’m at church for Bible Study, I walk through the fellowship hall to drop the kids off.  Then I walk back through the fellowship hall to get to the other building where we have Bible Study.  Two and a half hours later, I head back through the fellowship hall… once on the way to get the kids and once after I get them.  The custodians seem to always be in there when we pass through.  (Apparently the fellowship hall is a high maintenance area!)

I’m going to have to find another route.  One that involves climbing in the windows or something!

I know you’re on the edge of your seat.  Soooo, today after I drop the kids off I was passing back through and noticed one particular custodian (with whom I’m not totally comfortable – just a gut reaction) on the phone, facing away from me.  As I’m walking up behind him (just passing), I notice him stand up straight as if he’s getting a nice stretch.  Much to my surprise and horrible embarrassment he lets out an unreserved, loud, well… F*RT!  I don’t even use that word, but “toot” just doesn’t do it justice.

It gets worse… he then noticed me pass by and now he knows it’s ME that observed his poorly timed release from less than a yard away!  I heard him say, “Oh.” like in a, “she totally heard that” kind of way.

I managed to avoid him the next two times I had to go through the fellowship hall.  I forced a friend to walk with me so I could avert my eyes and act like I didn’t notice him, but I am in that church waaaaay too often to avoid him forever!  I know this is totally natural and everything.  In fact, I’d be much less embarrassed if I did it myself.

I don’t know what’s wrong with me.  It’s been 11 hours and I’m still embarrassed!  Unfortunately, climbing in and out of windows for the remainder of my journey at this church to avoid this guy is just not feasible.

Oh. my. goodness.  I’m so embarrassed.

I can’t believe they’re this comfortable!

There is a lot of hype about the funny-looking shoes that have the curved, almost 2 inch tall sole.  I tried on a pair two years ago, but it was one of the $200 + pairs, and I wasn’t nearly brave enough to put that much into a pair of shoes!  
My legs, feet, knees and lower back hurt often, and spending a day on my feet in anything other than a really good pair of tennis shoes or new Borns is a recipe for pain.  Not debilitating pain, but annoying, who-wants-to-get-out-of-bed-in-the-morning-when-your-legs-already-hurt? kind of ache.  So I’ve been tempted by these shoes and what I keep hearing about the absence of back and leg pain.
When I saw a pair of these on sale (for $50!) at a discount store the other day, I put them on while I walked around the store… just for an extended trying on.  🙂  By the end of the hour in the store, I could feel my hamstrings being stretched.  For real!  I thought it was a coincidence for sure.  But I ended up buying them because I’m about due for a new pair, they were really comfortable, and these were such a great deal.  (I realize they’re not as cute and trendy as the Skechers, but I’ve never tried on a pair of Skechers that had a sole with enough cushion enough for me, and comfort is more important than looks where my feet are concerned.  Sorry, Val.)
It’s been three days now and I can’t believe how comfortable they are!  My hamstrings still feel stretched, by stomach muscles are feeling worked out, and … drum roll please… neither my legs nor feet hurt!  Woohoo!  You’ll think I’m making this up, but my posture is much better too.  When I stand, looking in the mirror and compare my shoulder position in these should and barefoot, there is a big difference!  Since my shoulders are often tight and giving me headaches, I’m hoping this will help.
I have to say I’m converted.  I’m already keeping my eyes out for a pair of sandals with this technology.  Unfortunately, the ones I like are not on sale for $50.  But a girl can pray!

This week’s Facebook statuses

Here are some Facebook statuses I haven’t posted during my respite, but are fun to share.  I am convinced one can share a lot about her life in one liners.

is fixing eggs and jelly toast for dinner!  Organic eggs really are worth paying for.

is having too many teen conversations with this four year old girl. This morning:  “Do I look great, Mom?”  Yesterday: “I don’t want curly hair!  I want it to be long and straight and flow-ey.”

is wondering, “Just really how poisonous is hot tea seasoned with clorox wipe?” and thankful I didn’t find out.  What in the world possesses her sometimes, I do not know.

hears this question every day: “Can I wear my tank top and jeans skirt today?”  EvERy day!

has two little boys to parent well: a medicated one and a non-medicated one.  And boy, are they polar opposites!!

ahhhhhh!  8:15 at first awakening!

you know it’s been a long few weeks when you cancel school for the day because it’s 45 degrees and sunny outside!

has a very clean (and organized!) storage room.  That’s always exciting.


Well, not really, but I’m sure ready for it!  Since I can’t control the weather outside, I’ll just fix it all up on my little online home.  🙂  I’m also getting a bit more daring with html and finding ways to make my blog look a little more “me” and a little less cluttered.   Come on in and check it out.  I’d love to know what you think!  Every now and then it’s fun to stay up late and play with it for a change.  Like rearranging furniture, only a whole lot easier on Robert!
While you’re over, I’m curious what browser you all use to view my blog so I’ve put a poll on the left side.  Blogs look different on each computer and each browser, so I’m curious what most of you are using.

Just wanted to clarify

In regards to this post I just posted a few hours ago:

I was thinking about how insulting this could have sounded to Robert!  When I say I envy her life, it is not the lack of husband I envy… not at all!  Rather the addition of and opportunity to change the lives of many needy children.

Just wanted to clarify that for his sake.  I sure don’t want him thinking I’d rather I never married him.