We Made Snowflakes!

As a part of our Snowflake Bentley, Winter Wonders DNG, and The Snowy Day units where we learned about crystals, we made Borax crystal snowflakes.  This was a great activity that gave us great results!
We poured boiling water (that had cooled for about 10 minutes) in these glasses and added Borax by the tablespoonful until the water was saturated.  We added 1 drop of blue food coloring just to make them pretty.  Then we took pipe cleaners that we had fashioned into the shape of snowflakes and hung them on pencils so we could easily get them out.  Within hours we had some crystals and within 24 hours ours were complete!

This snowflake is on the snow in our front yard.

Implosion Fun!

This was one of our science experiments we did recently.
We filled a pot of really cold water.
We put about 2T of water in the bottom of an empty soda can.
We put it on a burner until we could hear the water boiling and see steam rising from the can.
We very carefully picked up the can and quickly put it into the pot of cold water.
And it instantly imploded! 
We had to do it three more times just for fun!!