Maybe I shouldn’t feel guilty

So as Mattie’s first grade year is well into the first semester, I find myself sad that she’s getting so much less of the fun stuff that Jacob got.  When Jacob was little, there were several of us that got together to do the fun things (that aren’t my strength). We don’t have that now for her, and it makes me sad, because honestly, she’d probably enjoy it much more than he even did!  There were cousins his age – lots of them, and we don’t have that with her, so it’s all just different. But as I was lamenting tonight and feeling sad that I’m just not doing well enough in that area for her, I realized that Jacob’s early years were very special… only him, activities geared toward only him, interests chosen for him, time with only him, books chosen for only him, etc.  But then I realized that her high school years will be the special time with only her as Jacob will have likely gone to college… activities geared toward only her, interests chosen for her, time with only her, books chosen for only her, and I guess it will all balance out. I still get frustrated that I’m not so good at the fun stuff, but this did balance it out a bit!


  1. Or . . . perhaps the Lord will bring other little ones into your lives when she is in her high school years and she won’t have that “alone” time, but be assured that God is using it all for her good to mold and shape her for His glory:)

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