A Woman with Laughter Lines

March 8, 2019

Warning to the Reader: I’m still a middle-aged woman and this is only my second blog post. Today is International Women’s Day — the annual day dedicated to recognize the movement for women’s rights. I’m a Mom, Daughter, Sister, Friend, Business Owner, Rare Disease & Type 1 Diabetes (T1D) Advocate, Stroke Survivor, and much more. For this new blogger, today was a time to reflect on the joys of being a woman and on blessings that have occurred on the other side of some life interruptions. As my 50th birthday approaches, I’m thankful for God’s daily presence; for my family and friends; and that each day is still an opportunity to learn. I’m also proud of each wrinkle that I wear. They’re actually laughter lines and reminders of life experiences. God has been steadfast in opening doors throughout my life and blessed me with strength and a sense of humor, which helps me to Find Joy on the Journey. Photo credit: A few close friends who didn’t interrupt my chat, but rather snapped the photo and kindly brought the alfalfa sprout to my attention. We laughed, which I do every day on the journey.

The Alfalfa Sprout — Still Laughing…

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